Ettusais - Eye Edition Mascara 6g - 2 Types

Brand from Japan: ettusais. It s not black, it s good. It s a nuanced color that casually upgrades the impression. Glossy mascara that gives your lashes a strong presence with a glossy volume. With a transparent luster and moderate volume, the finish will make your eyes look big and impressive. The dull color with exquisite nuances creates trendy eyes. Currently on sale is the airy mat type that can be removed with hot water. This time, a new waterproof, glossy type is introduced. Adopting a new compact curve brush that produces volume even though it is a compact brush A voluminous finish with a brush that contains a lot of liquid. Compact and easy to turn, it is easy to apply to the outer corners of the eyes and lower lashes. The curved tip fits the base of the eyelashes and is easy to handle. Achieves a glossy texture with glossy oil With a transparent oil formulation, it gives a transparent luster even when applied to eyelashes. Since it is fragrance-free, it is easy to use in various situations and is recommended for a wide range of people regardless of type.Waterproof prescription. It is resistant to bleeding such as sweat, sebum, and tears, and has a beautiful finish that lasts for a long time. Those who want to create a sense of volume around their eyes. Those who want to try dull color. Staff experience ettusais his eye edition (mascara). Nuance color creates this year's look. This time, I experienced two colors, G01 Dusty Purple and G02 Sandy Greige. First of all, G01 Dusty Purple is a color closer to dark blue than purple. It has a deep and fashionable finish. Depending on the angle, it looks like it contains deep blue. The exquisite dark color that doesn't insist too much makes the eyes look very modern. G02 Sundi Greige is a calm and dull greige. This is also a dull color, so it is recommended that you do not overstate it and you can naturally appeal to your eyes. Because the color is close to that of eyelashes, it creates a natural look even though it is natural.

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